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DIVI-HERB is a natural dietary supplement adjuvant in the regulation of body weight.

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Dr. Julio Cesar Marín & Alberto Naranjo
Armenia - Colombia

Dietary Supplements

High-quality products with 100% natural components, made with vitamins, microelements, amino acids and plants that provide an optimal balance to achieve a better diet.


All our products are dietary supplements, which complement food by reinforcing the deficiencies that are reflected in nutritional problems and in different areas of health. We have extracted amino acids, vitamins and minerals from some foods, complementing the current diet and incorporating essential nutrients necessary for health.

Our dietary supplements are 100% natural products, it’s important to say that they are NOT medicines. Not recommended for use in pregnant women, infants, children or people with hypersensitivity to any of their components.

All people who want to improve their quality of life and complement their nutrition.

All Lifehuni products provide vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which act synergistically in some specific areas of the body, improving the nutrition of certain systems, which have been neglected due to poor nutrition. Depending on the system you want to reinforce, you can choose or complement them according to the combination of their components.

NO. Despite being natural dietary supplements, our products are NOT medicines and are NOT a substitute for a balanced diet.

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