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Unlimited income

Thanks to the leverage generated by the income obtained from the sales of other people.

Minimal investment

To start your business you only have to invest in the product that you are going to consume.

Generate business

Completely independently, without bosses, or schedules and with total freedom of time.

Be your boss

No experience is required to enter, and generate the ability to achieve a very high level of residual income.

Permanent training

We provide training and trainings permanently and completely free.

Complete freedom

It does not require facilities, employees, inventory, production and / or product management.

Win with us up to...

Direct sales income

*Income from representation
*on your first purchase

Income from network spreads

*Residual income
in generations of Life, for each Title that ascends


It is the process by which the member purchases the product from an authorized Lifehuni store at a respective discount price which the member will then sell using the official full price to the public or to people in particular. By doing so, you will gain points which after each cycle will be assigned to the member’s level qualification that ranges from 20% to 40%. Lifehuni considers this type of income as cash flow.


Inviting others to be a Marketing Diffusers as you have made. You can build a team and become a team leader, building the best company in the world. Your marketing diffusors may represent others and those to others, and so on; as bigger as your network be, higher your income will be.

The first step is to create your list of future clients and disseminators, you can start with your family, friends, acquaintances, referrals and any person wishing to have health and financial freedom. For each person who makes a first purchase as an independent universal distributor, you will receive the difference between the public price of that first product and their profitability percentage. In addition, you will continue receiving the sales differential made by your network distributors, ¡that´s it! For all sales made by your network, you will receive the difference percentage according to the level at which they are.


You can become a Platinum Life Member in two ways: Personally accumulating points or with help from your network.

Qualifying as a Life Platinum Member By Personal Accumulating Points
Requirements that need to be met: You must achieve 400 points in a time limit of 2 consecutive cycles.


a) The E.U.I. can only distribute the Lifehuni products within the country to which your representation code belongs.

b) The E.U.I. undertakes to make its best effort to distribute Lifehuni products and services to potential consumers in a manner that favors the reputation of the company by abiding by the Lifehuni regulations of Employers, contract and other documents issued by the company.

c) The E.U.I. will carry out the distribution activities without any type of subordination or labor link on the part of Lifehuni, as a result there will be no schedule compliance, will perform its independent work under its own time, convenience, objectives, and work methodologies, therefore the E.U.I. will be responsible for the taxes applicable to the same activity.

d) The E.U.I. will not be presented as a franchise or securities holder agent; nor beneficiary, in the same way will not be employed directly, indirectly, or legal representative of Lifehuni.

e) The E.U.I. is committed that in the events that it acts as a representative of other E.U.I.s, he will do so as a delegate and must do so within the framework of good morals, ethics and legal framework, making his best effort to train, support, direct and keep them informed, welcoming the clauses and conditions of the rules of conduct, Lifehuni Business Regulations, registration agreement and other documents issued by Lifehuni.

f) The E.U.I. assumes the risks regarding the care or loss of the products, from the date on which it receives them, as a result of direct acquisition made to the company Lifehuni.

g) The E.U.I. must fully liquidate the value of the products ordered at the time of placing your order and you will be responsible and manager of your own portfolio with third parties, whether customers or their generations or derivative lines.

h) The E.U.I. can not create advertising for your own account of Lifehuni products, for this work only and exclusively you can use advertising and the means that the company gives you and authorizes, which is adjusted to the guidelines and guidelines of the country in which operate Likewise, the description, characteristics and benefits of the products in social networks should be the same as those expressed in the manuals and in the Lifehuni advertising, being free the E.U.I. to use their own testimony as a tool in the placement of products in the market.

i) By accepting the terms set forth herein and by affiliating as E.U.I. to the company Lifehuni, the E.U.I. is committed to fully comply with them. In case of incurring any type of violation of these terms, The E.U.I. is obliged to accept the suspension and/or definitive cancellation of its code depending on the severity of the fault, which are stipulated in this manual and other company regulations. Warnings (whichever applies) will be issued by the company´s legal and disciplinary department.


a. The E.U.I must comply with the political constitution of the country in which it resides and the laws or regulations related to the sales of that country. In addition the E.U.I. must not be involved with businesses that the laws of his country qualify as fraudulent or illegal, nor participate in activities that place the reputation of Lifehuni at risk.

b. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. will acquire the products directly in the company´s Main Office or in one of the offices in the country, in person or in a virtual way.

c. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. must guarantee the quality of the products and the service to its consumers.

d. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. must explain uses, precautions and how to use the products.

e. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. will immediately inform the company in a verbal or written way of the complaints or claims that consumers and the US have of its network.

f. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. will collaborate with the solutions to complaints or claims, if it is within its resolutive capacity and with the previous authorization of Lifehuni

g. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. can not use professions, corporations or businesses other than Lifehuni for the purpose of selling other products, nor must it use methods that are contrary to ethics.

h. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. is not authorized to import or export Lifehuni products, nor to promote for individuals to do so.

i. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. can not use the sales network to promote other products such as investments, insurance, products of other companies, etc.

j. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. that you wish to change your representative must have written and notarized authorization from your entire chain of representation, explaining the reasons for the request, losing all existing rights if approved by the Lifehuni disciplinary and ethical committee. Lifehuni may approve or deny the request without having to offer justification. If approved, no transfer of E.U.I. of your organization or derived line. If the request is denied and your intention to change your representative persists, you may renounce Lifehuni and its entire network, and re-enter after three months from the date of approval of the resignation. With this resignation, the E.U.I. you will lose the representation code, the level and the network. It is not guaranteed that the E.U.I. that resigns and complies with the rules, be accepted again in Lifehuni.

k. The benefits, rights, commissions and obligations belonging to an Lifehuni´s E.U.I., will not be sold or transferred.

l. If after the acceptance as Lifehuni´s E.U.I., he wishes to request his resignation he may do so. You may submit a waiver of Lifehuni and its entire network, and re-enter after three months from the date of approval of the waiver. With this resignation, the E.U.I. you will lose the representation code, the level and the network. It is not guaranteed that the E.U.I. that resigns and complies with the rules, be accepted again in Lifehuni.

m. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. should stimulate and encourage the US of its network to deepen and learn about the products, through the dissemination of audios and publications produced by the company Lifehuni.

n. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. must inform about infringements of company regulations or regulations. If the representative discovers that some of his derivative online U.S. are missing the rules or regulations of the company, he must report them or else he will be reprimanded or dismissed depending on the seriousness of the fault.

o. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. must train your organization on a regular basis by the most appropriate means and according to the need (meetings, videoconferences, audios, videos, etc.).

p. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. must maintain a business address for both the database and for good and timely communication with your organization.

q. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. must help to correctly fill out the forms for applications, resignations, orders and other administrative procedures.

r. The Lifehuni´s E.U.I. should stay informed about the company´s policies, to make sure your network knows and understands them.

s. A Lifehuni´s E.U.I. can not buy products on behalf of another E.U.I., if he is not authorized for this purpose, just as he can not supply its data so that someone else makes purchases in his name. In case of being authorized by the US, you must present a signed and notarized letter in which you express it.

t. Orders placed with Lifehuni will be paid by the E.U.I. principal, your spouse (with prior written authorization) or your E.U.I. junior.

u. The Representative-Represented relationship is the pillar of the Lifehuni marketing, for that reason the norms and regulations of the company, protect the rights of the representatives. Therefore changes of representation are considered harmful, although in specific circumstances they will be allowed.

v. None Lifehuni´s E.U.I. may interfere in the Representative-Represented relationship, inciting or persuading him to change the derivative line.

w. The representatives must be an example in terms of compliance with the rules and regulations established by Lifehuni.

x. If a representative of Lifehuni does not comply with the aforementioned obligations, his or her personal organization reports such breach and Lifehuni confirms the truth of the complaint, the E.U.I. will receive from reprimand until the dismissal of your qualification and total loss of your benefits.


1. Membership costs $0 
2. No administration fee
3. Does not require a quota of monthly sales
4. Economical products
5. Can accumulate points


1. 100% Natural
2. Easy administration and consumption
3. No need to modify habits
4. Base don tradition and scientific evidence
5. They act at the cellular level

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