DIVI-HERB is a natural dietary supplement adjuvant in the regulation of body weight.


Benefits of Using Divi-Herb

  • Helps to control weight problems, reduces fat levels, Eliminates localized fat through the processes of lipolysis and thermogenesis controls anxiety and hunger. It combats constipation and irritable bowel, improves cardiovascular health and regulates intestinal movement , reduces the symptoms of menopause, regulates sleep, essential for growth and development, contains vitamins and microelements that are involved in cell nutrition.

  • Helps to cure gastritis, ulcers, bad breath, irritable colon, and constipation. Phytoestrogens improve the symptoms of menopause and in men andropause and thyroid, the irrigation of the testicles and for this reason the sexual potency. It does not contain hormones.

  • It eliminates physical and mental fatigue, reduces the anxiety of eating by 30%, does not allow the fats and carbohydrates consumed to be absorbed in their entirety. It can be consumed by people with any disease, it does NOT require a diet.
A Video Says More Than a Thousand Words



DIAGNOSIS: He had chronic constipation problems, evacuated every 4 days, chronic gastritis everything he ate fell badly, his colon was inflamed, hormonal disorder, his menstrual period were every 15 days with hemorrhages, with anemia due to the same cause and overweight . BENEFITS: Totally normal colon, gastritis was completely removed, her menstrual period is normal, without any complications and she lost 11 kilos of overweight. She has been consuming the DIVI-HERB product for 3 years.


(Resides in Armenia)
DIAGNOSIS: I was an obese person due to a problem of hypothyroidism with a PH of 9.50 up. The endocrinologist who treated me said that I was hypothyroid for life and that I should always take thyroxine 100 and 125 milligrams which I took for more than 20 years without getting results. I also had gastritis problems, and I used to take some sleeping pills. BENEFITS: Thanks to GOD my friend DORIS BAHOS recommended me the wonderful product DIVI- HERB with which the PH of low thyroid to 3.41 and my metabolism was normalized had a weight of 68 kilos today weighing 50 kilos, I have managed to reduce 18 kilos, it has improved the nervous system.


(Resides in Cúcuta)
DIAGNOSIS: In September 2010 I started taking it. My weight before taking the product was 87 kilos size 36 in pants and L in shirt. BENEFITS: I have lost 10 kilos (April 2011), size 33 in trousers and size M shirt, my state of health in general is GOOD thanks to GOD and DIVI-HERB those who want to consume the product and receive the benefits and be in good health. what you think is wonderful and effective.


(Resides in Cúcuta)

Dr. Julio Cesar Marín & Alberto Naranjo
Armenia - Colombia

Maintain Optimal Health Start Today with Divi-Herb.

When it is consumed, cells enter nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and the essential fats that the body needs. It helps eliminate toxins, free radicals and oxygenates. It contributes to improve the symptoms of cancer and old age. It contributes to detoxify arteries, therefore improves circulation, blood pressure, prevents heart attack, reduces triglycerides, and cholesterol, prevents breast and uterine cancer. Diabetes, coronary, thyroid, migraine or renal diseases among others.


All our products are dietary supplements that complement the diet, reinforcing precisely the deficiencies that are reflected in nutritional problems and in different areas of health. We have extracted amino acids, vitamins and minerals from some foods, complementing the current diet and incorporating essential nutrients necessary for health.

Since they are supplements to 100% natural food and not medicines, they do not have contraindications with pre-existing diseases or conditions; therefore, it is not necessary to have a medical formula to acquire them.

All people who want to improve their quality of life and supplement their nutrition.

The Lifehuni products have Invima Sanitary Registries for Colombia and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States (FDA).

All Lifehuni products provide vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which act synergistically in some specific areas of the body, thus improving conditions that are caused by poor nutrition.

The components of Divi-her act mostly at the digestive level, providing fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which improve digestion and cleansing of the body.

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